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Go Dutch January 6, 2007

Filed under: Interiors — lauravw @ 8:18 pm

From VT WonenThe Dutch seem to have an amazing sense of style and practicality when it comes to furnishing their homes. I visited Amsterdam last year with my mother, and the area we stayed in was residential. Every evening as we walked back to our hotel, we couldn’t resist glancing through the windows of the many homes where the lights were on and the curtains open (this seems to be a cultural thing: when it gets dark in the UK, people draw their curtains to stop people seeing in). Almost every room we saw looked inspiring, most mixing modern styles with what looked like antiques.

In the past week a colleague loaned me a copy of Dutch interiors magazine VT Wonen, and I’ve really enjoyed leafing through it. I don’t know a single word of Dutch, and the chances are that you don’t either, but don’t let that put you off: the VT Wonen website contains lots of beautiful pictures from the magazine. The Inspiratie (inspiration?) section has lots of nice pictures, so start there and then you won’t have to try and work out what all the other options mean.


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