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Gift journal January 19, 2007

Filed under: Gifts — lauravw @ 10:22 am

Just before Christmas I started doing something I had been intending to do for a long time: I began a gift journal. I bought myself a lovely Jill Bliss notebook a few months ago with this purpose in mind – I wanted a beautiful book that I would enjoy using, because this is a project that I hope will last a lifetime.

In the journal I’m recording all the gifts I give and receive. I’m also making notes about things I might want to buy for people in the future, so that when their birthday comes around I’ve already got some ideas down.

So for Christmas I wrote down the details of all the parcels we sent out to people – the thinking behind this being that I want to keep track of what I’ve sent because I don’t want to keep sending the same person the same thing. When I have a good idea about what I think someone will like, my bad memory means there is a very real chance that I could keep repeating that same good idea, year after year – which would ruin it. I also made a note of everything that we received, and put a tick next to it once we’d sent out a thank you card. Again this is important to me because of my bad memory – there are a few special presents like books and so on that I was given as a child and am not quite sure who gave them to me – I don’t want that to happen in future, so this is the best way round it for me.

And in the back of the book I’ve written a Christmas card list, with plenty of space so that I can add (and remove!) people over time as necessary.

My only wish is that I’d started this a few years ago – but at least I’ve made a start now.


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