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iPod bags January 25, 2007

Filed under: Sewing — lauravw @ 8:18 pm

Quite recently I became an iPod owner – something I’d always wanted to be but couldn’t justify buying. Thanks to a trial of podcasting lectures at the university I’m taking a course at, I got given one – the best freebie I’ve ever had (although I really should download some of those lectures some day…).

I’m so worried about it getting damaged, so I bought one a hard case for it from Paperchase, which is quite pretty (mine’s the floral one on the right). But I would also like to make a bag for it so that the headphones and cable can all be safely stashed away. I’ve been looking on Flickr to see what other people have made for their iPods, and I’m so impressed – this one in particular, made by Rooruu is great because it’s made from scraps of fabric that look as though they’d be too small to make anything from. And I’m smitten – this one at Crafty Daisies is made from inexpensive felt and has a bird on it.


One Response to “iPod bags”

  1. rooruu Says:

    So glad you like the little iPod bag – it’s in daily use, and it was, as you guessed, great fun to make it from selvedges and offcuts.

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