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Birds January 28, 2007

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Today we took part in the RSPB garden birdwatch, an annual event where you watch your garden (or a park) for an hour and keep track of the birds you see. You only count the highest number of each kind of bird you see at any one time.
It’s the first time I’ve taken part (because it’s the first year I’ve had a garden), and I really enjoyed it. I am disappointed that our garden doesn’t attract more birds, but that’s because there are very few established plants in it – the people who lived here before pretty much just had a lawn. But it’s getting better all the time!

All the results are being recorded online here – we saw:

  • 4 blackbirds.
  • 1 collared dove.
  • 1 dunnock.
  • 2 great tits.
  • 8 goldfinches.
  • 1 magpie.
  • 20 starlings (they appeared from nowhere, ate lots of bread, and then left just as quickly).
  • 1 wood pigeon.
  • 1 redwing.
  • 1 rook.
  • (and 1 squirrel, but you can only record the birds)

I hope that if we take part next year we’ll count even more birds. While watching the birds we did see something funny: a local cat carefully squeezed his way through the cat door on our neighbours’ house. We’re not sure what happened next, but their two cats will not be impressed if this other cat has eaten all their food.


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