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Eat more fruit February 17, 2007

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I’m trying to eat a little bit healthier – I have a reasonably healthy diet, but I should eat more fruit and to be honest it bores me. I have been making myself take a piece of fruit to work every day, and on many occasions I even eat it, but in an attempt to make things a bit more interesting I have decided to compile a list of smoothie recipes.

We have a book about smoothies but the vast majority of the drinks in there are somewhat ‘fancy’ – the kind of thing you would make if you were wanting to impress someone or treat yourself. As such we never really refer to the book. So, my plan is to assemble a good stack of basic smoothie recipes that could be churned out any day of the week, and don’t require you to keep things like rosewater or edible gold leaf on hand. Any contributions are most welcomed – leave a comment with your recipe or a link to it.

Here are a few to get the ball rolling – I’m not listing quantities here as I usually just chuck stuff in the blender. Also, I’ve put milk down but it goes without saying that any of these would be fine with soya milk.

  • Banana, blueberries and milk.
  • Strawberries, banana and milk.
  • Raspberries, banana and orange juice.
  • Banana, honey and milk.

The BBC have a big list of recipes on their site, and the following ones sound straightforward enough:


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