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Tiramisu roulade February 25, 2007

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I seem to be a bit up and down with baking these days: I made some very successful cookies for Valentine’s Day, which were wolfed down by friends at work. But this afternoon I tried a recipe for Tiramisu Roulade, which to me sounds like the ultimate dessert, combining my two loves of roulade and tiramisu. The recipe is from Cakes, Biscuits and Slices, an Australian Women’s weekly cookbook I found at the library (their cook books are very good by the way, and well-priced).

Not quite filling the pan...I knew things would not go according to plan when the recipe called for a swiss roll tin – I’m not entirely sure what this is but figured it would be something like a large brownie pan. I measured my brownie pan and that sounded too small, so I used a cookie sheet with 1/2 inch high sides. So there was the first sign of possible trouble ahead.

The recipe called for three eggs to be beaten with some caster sugar until the mixture turned thick – the book suggested this would take about five minutes. I have a small hand-held electric mixer tool, and stodd mixing with it for 6 or 7 minutes with no sign of a change in the texture of the eggs and sugar. I didn’t want to carry on mixing forever (for one thing, with my mixer you have to hold down the button to make it go, and my finger was starting to ache!) and so I had to proceed to folding in some flour and coffee. Anyway, then I poured it into my prepared pan and to no-one’s surprise found that the cake mix couldn’t expand itself to fill the huge tray I had put it in. So when I baked it, some of the ends were wafer-thin…

The end result was more like a chewy coffee-flavoured pancake than a cake, and it’s so thin that I didn’t really make a roulade, but instead a big tubey thing filled with cream and mascarpone. I had to cut off the ends to neaten it up and that gave me chance for a taste-test. The verdict: it tastes OK, but is chewy. Disappointing. Also, it’s hard to cut neatly, which is a shame as I’ve made it to serve to guests tomorrow evening. The picture in the book makes it look so appealing that I will certainly have another go one day.

The finished roulade. Or pancake. Whatever.


One Response to “Tiramisu roulade”

  1. Roulades are hard in the first place. Bummer. How about quickly making a traditional Tiramisu, but use the usual sponge fingers, Kalhua Especial (which is oh so good) and a King Island Vanilla Yoghurt, quick easy and no stress. WW Cookbooks are great, but I do admitt they sometimes don’t work for me either.

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