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Embroidery March 1, 2007

Filed under: Sewing — lauravw @ 9:14 pm

embroidery-003.jpgOver the last couple of evenings I have been learning to embroider, using Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching book as a guide. The really exciting thing is it’s not hard to get started – I’m sure there’s much more I’ll be able to do once I get more into it, but even from the first stitch or two it seems like it’s possible to create nice things.

For several weeks I have been gathering supplies (ribbon, a canvas, embroidery thread, fabric) ready to make a little something to go on our walls: I want to decorate some plain fabric with embroidery and ribbons and sequins and so on, and then stretch it over canvas and put it on the wall. I found the shopping part very fun, but am a little daunted at the prospect of actually starting work on it. So that’s why I’m learning embroidery on a practise piece of fabric, rather than getting stuck in. Probably the sensible way to go, but usually I’m not so patient. And I’m missing a key piece that I feel should form the background of my “art” and so without that in place I don’t feel I can get started properly anyway. I think I’d like a thick stripe of some sort to go from one side of the canvas to the other, and I need to get started on choosing some fabric or ribbon to use for that.


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