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Bookishness March 4, 2007

Filed under: Books — lauravw @ 7:32 pm

A quick trip to the library this week turned up two new books that caught my eye: Urban Travel Photography (a Lonely Planet book) and Knitprovisation.

Of the two, it’s the photography book that has held my attention longer: even if you’e not interested in reading it there are enough beautiful photographs to look through. Many of the tips are aimed at people with SLR cameras, but even with a simple point and shoot like mine there are enough new ideas to make me want to go out and take pictures (preferably in new and far away places).

Knitprovisation is a bit odd – I think this is mainly because I expect a book like that to give me the instructions regarding how to make many of the projects, which it does – but in a vague and imprecise way (for example there’s a “pattern” for a bikini/halter top, and it just tells you to decrease – presumably on each side – to form a long triangle shape – which is presumably TWO long triangle shapes if it is designed to be worn by a human female). It just seems to me like the whole thing is OK as it is but could have been a much better book if it were more thorough in its approach. The photos in it are intriguing – there are one or two that put me in mind of American Gothic.


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