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Feeling foolish April 1, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — lauravw @ 1:39 pm

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! Hope you didn’t fall for anything too serious. I have been enjoying reading about the good old spaghetti harvest programme that the BBC broadcast in the fifties, and also this one where someone pretended they had found the mummified remains of a fairy somewhere in Derbyshire.

Updated to add: And also, look out for the zombies in Brisbane! (And I’d like to mention that if you are in Brisbane, it’s the spiders I’d be wary of.) This comment from the end of the story is great: “This should be made illegal immediately as it is incredibly irresponsible. Do they not realize that be desensitizing the population to zombie attacks, by crying ‘wolf’, they are making it easier for the human race to be wiped out the day real zombies march the streets?”


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