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Chocolate panic May 17, 2007

Filed under: Food — lauravw @ 6:56 pm

UPDATED WITH GOOD NEWS: Mars were bombarded with complaints, and so have decided to only use vegetarian ingredients once more. About two hours before I read this news, I spent £13 on their chocolates, to make sure I had a good supply while I adjusted to life without Galaxy and Snickers.

Vegetarians in the UK will hopefully have heard by now about the disappointing recipe change by Mars Confectionery: they are now using animal rennet in their products, and as such, if you’re vegetarian, you can’t eat Snickers (What?!), Minstrels, Maltesers (Nooo! Not Maltesers!), Galaxy (oh come on now, this is getting very unfair!) and all kinds of other yummy things – including ice cream Snickers and ice cream Mars, which I find annoying given that it’ll soon be ice cream season.

I can’t understand why they are taking this step, at a time when so many other companies are working to reduce the amount of additives and other unhealthy/unnecessary ingredients in their products. I eat a lot of chocolate, much of it Galaxy, and so I’m very disappointed. If you can find items where the best before date is before Oct 1, you’re OK though – which is why earlier this week you could have spotted me rummaging through the shelves of anywhere that sells chocolate. (I found a massive bar of Galaxy, and enough Snickers to make two final batches of Snickers Muffins a la Nigella).

If you’re bothered by Mars’ decision, you can get in touch and tell them so from here.


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