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A new skirt May 28, 2007

Filed under: Sewing — lauravw @ 9:32 am

SkirtIt’s a three day weekend here in the UK, and in typical British fashion that means cold weather, strong winds, and driving rain. So yesterday I didn’t leave the house, and used the time to make my first ever skirt.

I bought Sew What Skirts a few weeks ago and had enjoyed reading through it, and had been gathering together the necessary bits and bobs to make myself something. I bought 1.5 metres of this Amy Butler fabric (Tree Peony in Sand), and half a metre of some dark lightweight denim to edge it with. (I also bought some Amy Butler Acanthus in Olive thinking that might make a nice edge for it but they looked a bit crazy together and so I’ll save that for something else.) Also purchased was a zip, and some bias binding for around the top. I’ve not used bias binding before and that was the trickiest part of the process for me – I think I’ll get some that is wider next time.

The book has you take all your measurements and then do some maths to work out a few things (which is easy), and then you start drawing out your pattern. Because you make your own pattern, the size is perfect – I think that was the most pleasing aspect of the project for me, to end up with something that fits me perfectly. (There’s a bigger picture on Flickr)

I spent much of yesterday working on it – I think perhaps five or six hours in total. That means I could make another one another weekend, so perhaps I should buy some more fabric…


5 Responses to “A new skirt”

  1. Sarah Says:

    It looks brilliant, seriously. And it’s great to know that the book is easily adaptable, even in the UK (I get so confused by the differences!). That book might just be nipping onto my wishlist!

  2. lauravw Says:

    Thanks Sarah! It is a perfectly suitable book for UK people – I decided to use inches for everything so as not to confuse myself with converting to centimetres. I bought some pattern paper which had centimetre grid markings on it, but managed to ignore those markings while I was making everything up, so all was OK. Plus there is a glossary, which is helpful since some words are not the same in American English and English English!

  3. Ali Says:

    It looks fantastic! What a great use of a rainy weekend – you’ll be all set for when the sun comes out.

  4. megan Says:

    Your skirt is really great! And your stitching looks really tidy, good job.

  5. Peg Says:

    Very cool skirt! I got the book awhile ago and was looking for more inspiration…this is it! Thanks.

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