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Pretty in pink June 13, 2007

Filed under: Cosmetics — lauravw @ 9:13 pm

(Sorry for the total lack of updates recently: we’ve been getting some work done on the house, and then had a week’s holiday – pictures of both things will be added to my Flickr account soonish…)

We’ve been experiencing the odd bit of sunshine here of late (not right now though: it’s pouring down with rain), and so I bought some new sun lotion. I have very pale skin and burn easily (even when sat in the shade, which is a bit ridiculous), and so have to wear sun cream whenever it looks like the sun may put in a brief appearance.  This gets annoying pretty quickly, especially when I manage to get sun cream all over my work clothes. This time around I’ve bought Nivea Sun Light Feeling Sun Lotion, and it’s really a big improvement. I’ve even been using it on my face with no adverse reaction (I have adverse reactions to all kinds of things!). It goes on really well and leaves your skin not looking all slimy like normal sun cream. There is a downside, however: a few hours later, when you put on a second application, it all goes a bit bitty on your skin. I guess this could be avoided by cleaning off the first layer first, but I haven’t tried that.

Also recommended: Benetint. I had a bottle of this a few years ago and loved it, but am reluctant to spend that amount of cash on something so little, so when it ran out I replaced it with the Body Shop’s imitation version. The Body Shop version is OK, but Benetint really is the stuff to have, and so when I got some Boots vouchers for my birthday I bought a new bottle of it. (Though the packaging of the Body Shop one looks different now, so maybe they’ve changed the formula?)

And also recommended: No 7 Shine Free make-up base. This works for a good few hours (the packaging claims up to ten hours, but I don’t think it worked quite that well for me.)

And I’m not impressed with: L’Oreal True Match foundation. This claims to be “super-blendable” but in fact I found it very un-blendable. Conversely the pressed powder compacts they make are very good and work well for me.

I’m trying out Eucerin Re-Balance, which I bought while on holiday in Switzerland. The packaging is all in German and French, but I’m pretty sure it’s a face cream…


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