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Fabric importing how-to June 17, 2007

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This is one of the most useful (to me) blog posts I’ve read in ages: the dos and don’ts of buying fabrics from US websites when you live in the UK. I’ve mentioned before just how many calls I made trying to find out what I’d be charged simply for ordering a couple of yards of fabric from Reprodepot, and now I know: if you keep the whole order under £18 (about $36 dollars at recent exchange rates), you’re exempt from import duties – BUT this includes the cost of shipping as well. I’m off to Reprodepot

Also good: Buttonberry, a UK-based fabrics website.

And I’m so happy to learn about this Flickr group, where people are posting their pictures of skirts they’ve made using Sew What Skirts.


3 Responses to “Fabric importing how-to”

  1. Anna Says:

    I think it really depends on where you live in England whether you get charged Customs on a parcel. I live in Liverpool and importing fabric for personal and small business use over the last 3 years (and I’ve imported a LOT of fabric, in big boxes!) I’ve only been hit for Customs twice. My rule of thumb is to try and have it less than $50 and if the company will mark that it’s a gift even better, if not it’s still not been a problem for me. I’ve literally had boxes that I’ve had to push across the floor because they weigh too much not get charged customs. The only way you will know whether your PO is Customs happy is to try it, and lets face it, with the exchange rate what it is even if you do get charged customs you’ll still be saving a ton on the price of fabric!

  2. lauravw Says:

    That’s good to know too – thanks Anna. I bought a bag from New York online a couple of years ago and the post office fees and taxes (which I had no idea to expect) were slightly more than the cost of the bag, so I’ve been wary since then. Perhaps the post office people are a bit more generous in Liverpool than they are here in Nottingham!

  3. dottycookie Says:

    I just received that book for my birthday and have some material ready to try a simple fitted A-line skirt. I really hope it works out!

    Thanks for the shipping advice …

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