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Amy Butler pattern June 18, 2007

Filed under: Sewing — lauravw @ 6:26 pm

ipod_bag.jpgYesterday I made the small recipe card bag pattern from Amy Butler’s In Stitches book. It was reasonably straightforward (the pattern pieces in the book are printed so clearly). One or two little technique things were not obvious to me at the time but I now understand them for the next time I make this item.

What I wanted to make was a bag for my ipod, and this will be great – I need to make a smaller version once I’ve measured up the ipod, but wanted to follow the pattern through once to understand it all. It was a useful experience as I now understand how to put in a drawstring.

The fabric I’ve used is the same denim from my recent skirt, with a swatch of something I got from John Lewis a while ago – a big colourful spotty print which I’m fairly certain is by Prestigious Textiles.


3 Responses to “Amy Butler pattern”

  1. Ali Says:

    Looks really good!

  2. dottycookie Says:

    This is a really pretty little bag – I love that spotty fabric!

  3. Florence Says:

    How lovely to see the recipe card bag here – I have In Stitches next to my bed as I type, as it arrived in the post on Friday! – what an amazing book it is, so many things in there that I want to make!

    I tend to look at the pictures for inspiration, read the instructions, but then make it to a pattern in my own head, as following them isn’t my strong point and I sometimes find it hard to see where they’re heading and end up feeling really anxious that I’m embarking on something that I’m not quite sure how I’d finish if I lose my way halfway through, but I’m intrigued at your mention of learning some new techniques, so I may try and actually follow the pattern properly on this one and hopefully learn something new too!


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