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Fitflops June 20, 2007

Filed under: Shopping — lauravw @ 8:34 am

I read about Fitflops in this column in the Times last month, and then they featured them again one day this week. And I’m intrigued. I know it’s unlikely to be as good as they claim, but a shoe that makes you lean and sleek? What’s not to like?

From Monday’s article:

“As with a lot of these fashionable, quasi-medical shoes, I am concerned that people will think that they put them on and turn into Cameron Diaz,” says Trevor Lewis, a consultant physiotherapist specialising in feet and lower limbs at Knowsley Primary Healthcare Trust in Merseyside.

I’m not saying I want to turn into Cameron Diaz, but apparently a lot of people do – the Fitflop is sold out at Sweaty Betty.


One Response to “Fitflops”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’m all about exercise as you walk. But no. Ugly.

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