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En Francais June 25, 2007

Filed under: Shopping — lauravw @ 5:42 pm

A little while ago I was pining for the fact that I used to be able to speak French pretty well, and now I’ve forgotten much of it (including, sadly, the ability to string together a sentence). I was also complaining about the sheer naffness of British craft magazines – and so I took out a (quite expensive – ¬£37 for eight issues, which is two years) subscription to Marie Claire Idees, in the hope of improving my French and accessing some better quality craft ideas than are on offer locally.

The first one arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s hard work to read the French because when I did it for A-Level, we did not focus on words related to sewing, knitting and other crafts, but you can Google much of that. Anyway, if anyone else is thinking of taking out a subscription in the UK, it seems you have to do it using the French-language form on their website. I seem to have got over that obstacle successfully, so if you need a hand with some of the words, let me know. (Amazon.com offers subscriptions to people in the US.)


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