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Ducks ahoy! June 28, 2007

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If you’re planning a holiday in the south-west of England this summer you may be able to participate in a large-scale version of the classic fairground game ‘hook-a-duck.’ Fifteen years ago, 30,000 plastic bath toys were being transported by sea and ended up overboard. Since then scientists have been monitoring their voyages, and have learned a lot about the way the oceans’ currents work. In the intervening years, some of these rubber ducks have been found in Australia, Hawaii, the Arctic, the east coast of the US, and now this summer they’re on the way to Britain. What’s more, there’s a £50 reward per duck if you find one!

You can read more about the ducks in The Times, and also the, er, Daily Mail. (Reluctant as I am to post a link to the Daily Mail, they do have a good map that shows the journey these little yellow ducks have been on.)


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