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Little bits and bobs July 22, 2007

Filed under: Flowers and plants,Shopping — lauravw @ 10:26 am

Lavender, tied up with stringThe sun has come out! There’s more rain on the way though – I have been reading about the poor people affected, and looking at all the pictures. How can there be six feet of water in these places? On my last post where I mentioned the monsoon season we’re experiencing, Melissa left a comment – she lives on a boat on the Thames and so is somewhat better equipped to handle all this water. Go read her website about her boat, Hendrik, it’s fascinating.

Yesterday I was thrilled to find boxes of the Mudlark stationery I mentioned a while ago, for sale in House of Frazer. I’ve bought a box of notelets, and am tempted by the soaps and scented candles…

Finally, if you have lavender plants, it likely that they are in full bloom right now and so could stand a little cutting back. In the few hours of dry weather we had last weekend, my grandfather let me cut quite a bit of his lavender, and a friend at work also cut some for me, so now I have plenty of the stuff. It’s all hanging upside down like a bat in our airing cupboard, so when it’s dried out I can make some little lavender sachets to leave on our pillows.  And one more thing – this picture of Angry Chicken’s cutting garden made me think it’s something we should have a go at planting next year, so that in the summer we have a supply of flowers to fill vases with.


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