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Bathroom blind August 12, 2007

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Bathroom blind.Last week I made a blind for our bathroom window. Our bathroom is an awkward shape, and as a result, the bathtub is right under the window, which means that the shower sprays straight onto the window and windowsill – consequently any kind of window covering needs to be pretty good at dealing with water. Leaving the window uncovered is not an option: the window faces the street, and though the glass is frosted, I know for a fact that this does very little to protect one’s modesty. (How do I do this? Let’s just say we’ve had neighbours with similar windows.)

When we first moved in, I cut up a shower curtain and used sticky velcro to attach it to the (plastic) window frame. This looked reasonable for a while, but on humid days the stickyness would sometimes give up the ghost, and I had to replace it a few times. Now that I’ve got the hang of my sewing machine, I felt I could come up with something a little more professional. I’ve not seen much in the way of waterproof fabric for sale, so I bought a very nice shower curtain – from Asda, though I like to think it looks like it’s from somewhere expensive. It’s made from polyester, and I had some polyester thread so I used that for all the stitching.

I also bought a tension rod to hold the blind in place – there are tiles on either side of the window, and so attaching anything would have been difficult. I measured the space for the window, and added a little to each side for a hem. To the top and bottom I added enough extra to allow for a space to put the tension rod through, and enough to put a heavyish tube of metal in the bottom (this is what’s making the blind lie flat – with the previous window covering, I had nothing to weight it down and so it curled at the edges).

The great thing about working with a polyester shower curtain is that it doesn’t fray. You can’t iron the fabric lest it melt, but the benefit of this is that you don’t have to bother getting the iron out. I didn’t want to pin things in place because it would leave big holes, so I used sticky tape to hold things in place when I was making the flaps along the top and bottom, and that worked out fine.

I’m really pleased with the result – it’s certainly improved the look of our bathroom (which is overdue for a complete overhaul). I also have quite a bit of the shower curtain fabric left – it’s pretty but I’m not really sure what to use it for. Any suggestions?


One Response to “Bathroom blind”

  1. Ali Says:

    How resourceful! And you’re right – it does look very swankily expensive!

    Waterproof lining for a swim bag?

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