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Space invaders September 18, 2007

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It seems I have inadvertently stumbled upon something interesting: we went to Manchester for the weekend, and I took a picture of this little guy in West Didsbury (he’s on a wall in Lapwing Lane). We’d seen another similar one in Bern, Switzerland, earlier this summer, which I’ll upload my picture of soon (and we think we may have seen one in Barcelona – I’ll have to check through our photos from that trip to see if we captured it).

I was very curious about what they were, and thankfully Megan was able to tell me the answer: an artist going by the name of Invader has been visiting cities all over the planet putting up these little mosaics, playing his own game of space invaders. I am now even more interested in this, and so happy that we found some of the mosaics. When we were in New York a couple of years ago we went to the Natural History Museum, and later I read that during our stay, there had been some of Banksy’s pieces snuck into display cases, which we had failed to notice – little insects with jet packs stuck to their backs and so on.

I hope I can find more space invaders next time I travel anywhere, but in the meantime there are LOTS of people taking pictures of them and uploading them on Flickr. And there are more pictures on the official website, plus a bit more of an explanation on Wikipedia. And – finally – someone else has been documenting the Manchester ones


6 Responses to “Space invaders”

  1. melissa Says:

    If you get down to London, there’s one of these guys on Brick Lane right next to the Vibe Bar (across from 93 Feet East). I pass him every day on my walk to work!

  2. lauravw Says:

    Thanks Melissa – I can see this becoming a new hobby for me, seeking out space invaders wherever I go…

  3. dottycookie Says:

    What a clever idea – I read about someone who installed little tiny people in strange situations all over London – and now of course I can;t find the website again. Oh well.

  4. Phil Says:

    Just checked this out looks really cool – well done for finding the links and stuff

    Is it one guy or do other people join in?

  5. PixelPixel Says:

    Thanks for the link. Also check out the book: Rubik Space.

  6. […] I was delighted to see another Space Invader – I’ve now seen them in London, Manchester and Bern […]

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