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Witches’ fingers October 29, 2007

Filed under: Halloween — lauravw @ 10:11 pm

Making witches’ fingers…Very busy with Halloween preparations this week!

At the weekend I went up to stay with my parents, and we had a small Halloween party. Mum and I spent all of Saturday baking and icing things, and she made these witches’ fingers, which were very creepy (and yet delicious).

She bought a pack of frozen cheese straws (basically strips of frozen pastry with cheese and herbs sprinkled on them). Setting them all out on a baking tray, she then made little indentations in them all to make them knobbly like fingers, and with a knife carved a few lines on each of the knuckles.

She then stuck a sliced almond on each to make fingernails, and then stuck in a few little sprigs of herbs to make it look like the fingers were hairy. Rosemary works well for this. You then bake them in the oven, and when they’ve cooled down a bit you can paint the fingernails with food colouring – she did red and black nails…

There are more pictures of them on my Flickr account.


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