Finding work for idle hands: making, baking and more.

Looking forward December 16, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — lauravw @ 3:49 pm

This post on Ask Metafilter is cheering: what do you look forward to? For me, my favourite little things are: getting nice things in the post; the delivery of groceries from Sainsburys (about once a month, always a treat); watching the birds in our garden; Halloween; phoning my mum; Friday evenings, when the whole weekend lies ahead; and now that we have a kitten, I’m always looking forward to seeing her. I look forward to buying the paper on Saturdays (The Times), and to sitting reading through it all. I also look forward to various favourite programmes on the radio, but the BBC have somewhat spoiled that this year by moving a few things to new times. And I look forward to food a lot!


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