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On the road December 16, 2007

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What do you think about Russell Brand? Though I find some of what he says horrendously offensive, I try not to miss his radio show because it is brilliant. So I am somewhat on the fence, but certainly more for him than against him!

Last week BBC 4 broadcast his road trip across America, following in the footsteps (or tyre tracks) of Jack Kerouac. It’s a shame they made it into one hour long show – they spent weeks filming it and I bet could have stretched it into a short series with all the material they must have captured. There’s more info here – worth watching if they repeat it.

In other BBC-things-you-may-have-missed, Radio 4 did a show narrated by Mark Radcliffe about pop songs being translated, often incorrectly, into foreign languages. You can catch it on the BBC Listen Again radio player.


One Response to “On the road”

  1. Phil Says:

    The jury is also still out for me on Russell Brand. I find him sometimes shouty and offensive – but he is also astute and wittily observant. However the reason i currently think he is good is the name of his book “My Booky Wook”

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