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Red October chocolate factory December 31, 2007

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It’s no secret that I like to visit chocolate factories when the opportunity crops up, and so I’m sad to read that one of Moscow’s landmarks is closing down and being turned into luxury apartments.

One of the factory’s workers comments in the Guardian’s article on the closure:

“I’m sad in a way,” she added. “The smell here will disappear and then there will only be rich people.”

Whenever I visit my family in York it makes me happy to smell the chocolatey goodness that wafts around the Rowntree’s factory there, and I would love to live in an area that was perfumed by chocolate. From speaking to my relatives I know that they have all become accustomed to the scent and don’t notice it any more, but as a visitor it’s always noticeable to me.

There are some pictures of the soon-to-be-closed Red OCtober chocolate factory on Flickr.


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