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Up to January 8, 2008

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Jumping on the bandwagon for this one I’m afraid, but I enjoy people’s posts about what they are reading/consuming/listening to, so I’m shamelessly joining in.

Reading: I Like You, by Amy Sedaris

Lots of fun to read, so much so that I was a little disappointed when I thought I still had a good chunk of the book to go, but it turned out the whole last section is recipes. Not that there’s anything wrong with recipes, but I was really enjoying reading the book. And I was pleased that, for the UK version, someone had gone to the trouble of converting the oven temperatures to our British ones. My only complaint is that a book with this many recipes in really needs an index so that you can find them.

Eating: Toffee Pecan Meringue Roulade

From Marks and Spencer. I think this is the nicest dessert I have eaten all year, possibly even including 2007. HIGHLY recommended – it’s in the freezer section of the shop, costs about £5 but is worth it.

Playing: Yahtzee

I got this for Christmas and we’ve enjoyed playing it – plus I have won both times so far, which made me like the game more.


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