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Bathroom January 13, 2008

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This year’s big task is the Great Bathroom Project of 2008, in which we get rid of the not-so-nice bathroom that was in this house when we arrived, and replace it with something new and shiny.

I have spent hours and hours going through catalogues and websites of bathroom ideas, and had books from the library and ideas from my mum. (Tip: if you are planning a new bathroom, be careful when buying bathroom magazines. The two I could find for sale were both shrink-wrapped, so you couldn’t peek inside. I spent £4 on one only to find that the featured bathrooms all cost about three to four times more than our budget. Not very helpful!)

It is overwhelming just what is available, and I’ve been struggling to narrow it down. Plus many of the catalogues don’t have prices, so you need to be online at the same time, trying to find online retailers that carry the products you like. And it goes without saying that I know nothing about plumbing, so I can’t be entirely certain that the things I like are suitable for use in our house. We have had a recommendation for a local plumber to fit the new bathroom, so I can get him to review my choices and tell me if I need to change anything.

It’s also overwhelming planning the work: we need to replace the existing bathroom window (because it is a bit rotten, and also because it’s not nice); have the ceiling redone (it’s currently one of those horrid textured ceilings, with a wavy seashell pattern); get the lighting altered and an electric extractor fan installed, plus a proper heater (I hardly dare tell you but there are mouldy damp patches in one corner, which we think is because the room has inadequate heating and ventilation). There’s also tiling to be done, a new floor to go down, and various other things.

I would really like for the walls to be green, the floor to be an oak-coloured lino/vinyl, and the tiles to be white brick-shaped ones. I’d like a few coloured tiles somewhere to create an effect of sorts, and I’d like the taps and other fittings to be silver/steel coloured.

Possible colours for new bathroom…

The backup colourscheme is as above, but replacing the green with silvery-blue-grey. This would be easier to do because it’s easier to find things that go with that colour than with bright green, but I like the idea of being different and difficult! I think if I went for this option, the icy blue would look good with hot pink accessories, which I already have a few of. I think the green would look good with accessories in dark-coloured wood. I think the main thing that wants me to NOT paint it an icy blue is that everyone’s bathroom is blue (ours is at the moment, albeit a not very good shade of blue).

What do you think? All comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome at this stage!


2 Responses to “Bathroom”

  1. dottycookie Says:

    Our bathroom is peach (mercifully, with white bath etc ) and if I were redoing it – which I would very much like to do – I would use your second colourscheme, maybe using the tiles from the first. In fact, I may just have to nick it!

  2. lauravw Says:

    You have my sympathy: we lived with a peach hall/landing (peach GLOSS, no less) until very recently. Even the ceilings had been painted peach.

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