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On your doorstep January 14, 2008

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The very first bottle to be delivered.Something new happened today: for the very first time, I had milk delivered to my house. All through my childhood, and still to this day, my parents have had milk delivered. But it’s only recently that I’ve started drinking enough of it to merit having a delivery (it’s because I’ve become a tea drinker, which is a good thing).

The traditional British milkman has been struggling for the last few years, but the web is helping them fight back. The Find Me A Milkman website lets you sign up for milk deliveries (and you can get all kinds of other stuff delivered too – we don’t have a car and so the idea of getting compost for the garden delivered is very helpful). I signed up on the Milk Deliveries website last week, and today was my first delivery day. I was thrilled this morning when I opened the front door at 7.30am to find a fresh bottle of milk waiting for me. Plus it comes in the traditional glass bottles, which are about as environmentally friendly as packaging can be.

The only mistake I made was to sign up for regular semi-skimmed – after I placed my order, I read an article in The Times that convinced me it’s worth paying extra for organic milk (it’s nicer for the cattle, and it keeps our nice British countryside dotted with pretty black and white cows). So I need to login and change my order, but that’ll be easy enough.

Also in The Times this month:

“So an EU think-tank is campaigning for people to drink more milk. This seems eminently sensible, as is findmeamilkman.net’s promotion of doorstep delivery. But during the 24 years that I worked as a milkman the retail side declined by up to 15 per cent a year. Consumers found that milk was cheaper from supermarkets and ditched the loveable, cheerful milkman – which leads me to ponder how old ladies get their light bulbs changed and neglected housewives get their jollies. You’ll need more than a website to find a milkman now. Try Ghostbusters or a private detective.”


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