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Duvet cover January 17, 2008

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Over the past few days, a rather ambitious plan has been forming: I want to make a duvet cover.

I have never made anything that big before, in part because of the expense involved, but there are so many pretty fabrics around, and so few of the duvet covers I see for sale (even the expensive ones) are anywhere near as nice as the prints you can buy.

I’m doing a bit of preliminary research at the moment, most of which has consisted of me looking at websites that sell fabric and trying to work out the most economical way of ordering enough fabric without being stung for excessive customs duty when it arrives in the post.

Bird fabric. Not cheep!This bird fabric is the key to the whole thing. You can buy it online both in the UK and the US, but I need to do a few calculations to work out which is the better deal: the US websites have it for around $9 a yard, plus about $11 shipping, but in the UK it’s around £9 a metre, and £3 for shipping. When you factor in the possible customs charge, it gets very complicated – plus the whole metre vs yards thing does not help.

Fortunately it didn’t take me as long to notice that rolls of fabric are less wide than duvet covers. To get round this, I plan to make the cover from large squares of material – each one about a quarter of the width of the cover itself – so there will be four squares across and four squares down. I have seen some other patterns for making duvet covers – for example in the Amy Butler book, but they use even more fabric and so would be even more expensive.

At first I thought that for the reverse side of the duvet cover I would simply use a solid fabric in a complimentary colour, but I think that will work out just as expensive as using nice prints, so I have a new and cunning plan: I will make the cover reversible, with one side in the browns and oranges in the bird print above, and the other in the same style but using completely different prints. It’s still not going to be cheap, but at least this way I will have two options for using the cover once it’s made.

The other option would be to make the reverse side from a flat bedsheet, which would almost certainly work out cheaper to do, but would be a little less fun.


One Response to “Duvet cover”

  1. melissa Says:

    ooh that print is lovely! And thanks for the UK fabric shop link, I’d not seen that one before. I usually just stock up online before I go to the States (or relatives visit here) and fill up a suitcase with fabric. I’m still knee-deep in fabrics from August, but I’m making good progress!

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