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Duvet cover (2) January 18, 2008

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When I decided to make a duvet cover I knew it would be time consuming, but I never thought it would take me THREE HOURS with my graphics software to put together a pattern for the thing. And when I say pattern, I mean it in the most basic sense of the word: a simple grid with different fabric in each square. And also, remember I said my duvet cover would be reversible? Well I’ve only managed to plan for the front side so far, so there is still much time to be spent with pixels before I get near the sewing machine.

There will be either 16 or 8 squares, each either 50cm or 100cm across. I checked a few websites and 200cm square seems to be the standard measurement for a British duvet cover. (Though before I cut anything I will measure just to be sure!)

Joel Dewberry prints.

I had imagined I would use four different prints, all from this Joel Dewberry collection. But I couldn’t get them to sit right with each other – I don’t thinking matching up four prints is my strong point. There are two I love more than the rest (though I do love most of them), and so I’m going with those. Even then there are plenty of options to deviate from this layout – I could have rectangles of 100 by 50cm, for example… We’ll see.

You won’t believe it took me three hours to do this, but here’s the pattern I may go for:

Possible duvet pattern?

Now that I’ve narrowed it down a bit, I can work out the best way of ordering these particular prints. And then I can start thinking about what to put on the other side…


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