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Duvet cover (3) January 22, 2008

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Over the weekend I went back and forth on the whole duvet cover idea: the cost of the project is giving me cold feet. At some point I realised that, for roughly the same amount of money, I could buy a Cath Kidston duvet cover.

But then I read a couple of things that changed my mind, and reminded me that, although making things yourself can sometimes save you money, that’s not the main reason we craft. In Grand Designs magazine (I didn’t even know there was a Grand Designs magazine – my mother lent me a copy), I read a quote from a man who was has built his dream home:

“Try not to get upset if you go over budget. Your project should be a passion, if you are worrying about money then it’s probably not worth doing.”

And then I started to read Bend The Rules Sewing (a book I’ve only just started on – more on it when I’ve read a bit more), where Amy Karol says:

“Nowadays you can get almost anything you want at a large discount store for less money than making it from scratch. If your main goal for a particular project is to be creative and have fun, you will be happy.”

Something about both of these statements gave me the extra push to just get on with it. What’s the worst that could happen? Yes, I will spend quite a bit on fabric, but I will be creating something new and unique to me, and the Joel Dewberry fabric with the birds on makes me feel happy. If I don’t like the end result, I can unpick it and make it into something else instead.

And so I have started ordering fabrics – ironically, I have ordered all the prints I need except for the bird fabric. It’s out of stock at a lot of US fabric sites, and though I’ve seen it at a British site, that would cost me more than waiting for the US ones to get it back in stock (even if you take into account the cost of shipping from the US).

Here’s what I’ve gone for in the end – the Joel Dewberry Aviary prints on one side:

Possible duvet pattern?

And on the reverse, Sole by Valori Wells for Free Spirit:

Duvet cover- reverse.


One Response to “Duvet cover (3)”

  1. Suzi Says:

    They’re beautiful fabrics and your duvet covet will be truly unique!

    Have fun!!

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