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Garden bird watch 2008 January 27, 2008

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We spent a quiet hour this morning (whilst making some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast) watching the bird activity in our garden – because this weekend is the RSPB’s annual big garden bird watch.

We didn’t do too badly, but I was a little disappointed that some of our regular visitors didn’t make an appearance. For the last 12 months or so, especially during the spring and summer, goldfinches were often on our bird feeders. But today, not one of them came to see us during the designated hour. The robin did appear though – he’s not been visiting us for that long, so I don’t think he would have been on our figures for last year’s bird watch.

Did you take part? I hope you saw some interesting birds.

UPDATE: Two hours after my hour of birdwatching, two goldfinches did arrive and eat some sunflower seeds. But they were too late to be counted – I hope they will be more punctual next year.


3 Responses to “Garden bird watch 2008”

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