Finding work for idle hands: making, baking and more.

Tuesday night craft club: cupcakes February 4, 2008

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Cupcakes.This post relates to last Tuesday – I’ve been away since then and was determined to post this before this week’s Tuesday Night Craft Club, which is tomorrow…

Time was in short supply for this week’s effort, and I stayed up rather later than I’d planned, icing these cakes. They were all delivered the next morning (by me) to my grandfather up in Yorkshire, who has reported back to say they are delicious. What he actually said was that I ‘bake a great cake’, which I’m taking as high praise, since my gandmother, his wife, was a prolific baker.

I made up a batch of cake mix for butterfly cakes, which was a minor error on my part. I used half of it to make butterfly cakes (no mistake in that half), but the other half I poured into heart-shaped silicone moulds (a very welcome Christmas present). This was where it was a mistake: butterfly cake mix has extra raising agent in it, to form the peaks, which you then cut off to form wings. Except I wanted the hearts to have little flat tops, and they came out all pointy, like little heart-shaped mountains. No matter: I just cut the tops off and ate them, and then iced the remainder of each cake. But still, lesson learned for next time.


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