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Pancake day February 5, 2008

Filed under: Food — lauravw @ 1:19 pm

What are you putting on your pancakes today? I’m planning to use some of the instant pancake mix I made last week (from Nigella Express) to whip up a few pancakes for pudding tonight, but I’m not sure what to put on them. I usually have maple syrup, and I like a few slices of cold banana on them too – but I’d like to try something new.

I’ve found a few suggestions here – like Nutella (excellent idea), and there’s a very traditional Delia Smith recipe at the BBC.

The BBC also delivers the goods on the history and traditions of Shrove Tuesday. I checked the Martha Stewart website for ideas but there’s nothing on the homepage, which makes me think this is more of a British thing. I didn’t know Martha had a blog though – where she is currently seeking votes on seven new ideas for the company to try out. Notably absent from the list of things to vote for is the the return of Blueprint magazine.


4 Responses to “Pancake day”

  1. melissa Says:

    As an American expat in London, I feel qualified to answer – yes, Americans celebrate Shrove Tuesday, but it’s called a variety of different things. Sometimes Pancake Day, sometimes Fat Tuesday, sometimes Donut Day, but in Pennsylvania Dutch culture it was always Fastnacht Day, where little old ladies make unbelievable glazed homemade donuts for all of us to binge on for one perfect day. 🙂

    It’s probably a side effect of my Anglisation that I had English-style pancakes with lemon and sugar this morning instead of my usual American pancakes or devoting a whole day to the making of fastnachts!

  2. Suzi Says:

    I love that Martha Stewart has a blog 🙂

    We’ve not been too organised this year – I had to send my boyfriend out for eggs (key ingredient!). We have banana and dark chocolate for the topping though.. yumm!

  3. Phil Says:

    We did a taste test by making up a batch of Delia and a batch of Nigella from her Feast book.

    I was surprised and a litle disappointed that all three of us thought that Nigella’s were the best!

  4. lauravw Says:

    Phil, why were you disappointed that Nigella’s were the best? I’m curious – but glad you all enjoyed your pancakes. I had chocolate chip ones in the end. We also planned to have traditional lemon and sugar ones, but we had no lemons – and so used bottled lime juice…

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