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Tuesday night craft club: it’s all in the preparation… February 7, 2008

Filed under: Tuesday Night Craft Club — lauravw @ 9:38 pm

Letters.A rather passive Tuesday Night Craft Club this week: I admired and then laundered a couple of the new fabrics that have arrived for the duvet cover project of ’08. The three I’ve ordered have now arrived, but I still need to order the Joel Dewberry one with the birds on (the one that got me started on this whole extravagant idea)…

That was followed by some preparation work for another project: I am lucky enough to have collected, over many years, a couple of boxes full of the nice cards and letters I’ve been sent. Most of these are from my mother, including various funny things she’s sent me over the years (photos of her holding a giant lemon that fell from a tree near where they were staying in Palm Springs; photos of the toy Bagpuss I gave her in various holiday resorts; cards sent from the cat to us; stickers with her picture on – these came out of a passport photo machine, when she was trying to get her very serious passport photo taken. The machine also took novelty photos, and malfunctioned – the set of stickers she sent us shows her looking very serious, with Ali G superimposed in the background.) I don’t really feel I’m getting the best use of all this stuff by keeping it in a box, so my plan is to make a collage of some of my favourite messages. I’ve bought a little wooden picture frame, and spent an hour or two reading through letters to find some highlights to frame. I have a little pile of letters now to use – some of which I’m not willing to cut up, so I’ll have to make copies of those. I’m not creating the collage quite yet either, because I know I have another similar box at my parents house that might contain things I want to incorporate. But it feels good to have made a start.


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