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Up to February 12, 2008

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Waiting for my Ocado/Waitrose delivery to arrive

This is a once in a blue moon treat, and should arrive tonight between 7 and 8. I’ve been doing my grocery shopping online for the past few years and I’ve been starting to take it for granted a bit, but it is a wonderful thing: no queuing, no need to contend with other people doing their shopping, no venturing out in the cold. We usually get Sainsburys deliveries – there’s no Waitrose near us, but they have a giant UK distribution centre that they do their deliveries from. That makes me feel a little uneasy (the thought of my groceries coming from near London doesn’t sound too green to me), but they use environmentally friendly vehicles and claim it’s greener to have one distribution centre…

Thinking about buying some more Rosti homewares

I have five mixing bowls made by Rosti, and I’m very attached to them. The first two I bought came from Paris – there was a small cookware shop opposite a hotel we stayed in there several years ago, and each time we passed it I would peer through the window and covet the bowls. I bought two (one pink, one green) and had to carry them on my lap all the way back to England. It was totally worth it. Since then I’ve bought three more from Amazon (yellow, blue and a huge orange bowl). I’ve now found that, in addition to the selection of Rosti products on the Amazon UK site, you can buy them at a German site called Cookfunky.


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