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Tuesday Night Craft Club: lavender pillow February 17, 2008

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Some time late last summer, I visited my grandfather in York, and he let me have lots of the lavender from his garden. I hung it upside down, bat-like, in the airing cupboard when I got home, and it’s lived there ever since. I think you really only need to hang lavender to dry for a few weeks, but luckily its extended stay in our airing cupboard doesn’t seem to have done it any harm. So on Tuesday night I got it out and removed all the flowers from it – the fragrance from that much lavender will make you sleep well.

The next night I sewed a small pouch to put all the dried flowers in, and now we have a little lavender scented pillow to put on the bed during the day. (Picture here – the fabric is a swatch of something I don’t recall the name of, but it’s from John Lewis)
Notes for next time: what looks like a huge amount of lavender doesn’t go as far as you’d expect, so this summer I plan to harvest even more of the stuff.


One Response to “Tuesday Night Craft Club: lavender pillow”

  1. […] and have all sorts of lavender-scented goodies around my home (lavender cleaning products; home-made lavender sachets; Botanics lavender room spray…). The picture on the right was taken when I visited the […]

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