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Bits and bobs February 18, 2008

Filed under: Interiors,Sewing,Shopping — lauravw @ 9:31 pm

Pre-occupied with lots of the little things and thoughts at the moment:

Possibly planning to make a kitty tunnel for our kitten, Daisy, using Amy Butler’s patter in In Stitches (you can see an online version of the same pattern here if you don’t have the book). I’ve been looking on Flickr to see if anyone else has made one, and found this picture of a beaded sash, which reminds me that I want to make one of those too… Anyway, I didn’t find pictures of completed kitty tunnels on Flickr’s In Stitches Sew Along, but I did find someone writing about making one here, and it seems there’s nothing to be daunted by.

Unrelated: I love this wallpaper that looks like a photo of a forest… I wonder if there’s a way I can make it look right in our little 1930s semi-detached house? I doubt it, but I’ll keep thinking about it.

Very helpful links from Craft Magazine: how to use a rotary cutter, and how to make a patchwork skirt.

Heather Bailey has some paper craft items in the works, must look out for those later this year. And there’s a new Lotta Jansdotter book on the way – Lotta Prints. (Also at Chronicle Books, a little kit of recipes, labels and wrapping materials for the sorts of food gifts that belong in jars – it’s called Pretty Pantry Gifts. I think this might be similar to the Christmas packaging set I bought last year – if it is, then it will be very nice.)

How About Orange made a new ironing board cover, using instructions from Marmadaisy. I really should have a go at this – I’m not sure I can bring myself to show you a before picture of our ironing board though. Let’s just say whatever I make would be an improvement.


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