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Up to February 26, 2008

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Enjoying: my new dressing gown from the White Company
This is a very early birthday present from my mother – she wanted me to have it while the weather is so cold and frosty. I love it – it’s a pale coffee colour (they call it Smoke), similar to the quilt she got me from there for Christmas (which they don’t seem to stock any more).

Wearing: Gap’s Spun Orange Blossom perfume
I bought this almost two years ago when we visited Seattle, along with a bottle of the peony scented version. I have a tendency to save things up for a rainy day lest they run out, which is a very silly thing to do with perfume because it goes bad after a while. I saw this in my drawer the other day and realised that I have had it two years, and should really just open up the shrink-wrap and enjoy it. I hadn’t realised just how nice it smells, which is a shame because they don’t make it any more… Luckily it seems there is a market for Gap perfume at ebay and other such places, and I’ve read that this one smells similar to a Jo Malone fragrance (I’d better get saving up for that one).

Planning: for a day out in London tomorrow
In the Rough Guide to London, I read that you can visit an enormous roof garden on the top of a private members’ club in Kensington, with views across the city. I rang up to check, and it’s open tomorrow (the public can’t go in when events are on, but because the building/garden are listed, it means they have to let you have access at other times). Very excited about this! We’re also planning to go to the National Portrait Gallery, where we can see the Vanity Fair exhibition.

Learning a bit more about taking pictures
Alicia wrote some easy to understand tips about taking pictures. I don’t think my camera has all the same options as hers, but it’s still going to be filed under ‘will come in handy some day.’

Looking forward to the relaunched Blueprint blog
With more writers and more content – launches in early March, which is only a few days away.


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