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Tuesday night craft club: birthday cake March 9, 2008

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Boston cream pie.I’m happy to report that Tuesday Night Craft Club continues. There’s plenty of variation in the time and date (this was a Saturday morning craft club, if you’re bothered by the details), but the principle remains the same – a few hours doing something creative/reading about other people doing something creative.

It was my dad’s birthday last week so I thought I would make him a birthday cake. I don’t think I’ve made him a birthday cake before as my parents have always lived far away from us, but a week ago they moved to a new home less than half an hour away, so the prospect of making birthday cakes for them is now quite practical.

He requested a vanilla cake with chocolate icing, which immediately made me think of Boston Cream Pie. This is a cake I sampled a few years ago in the US, and love it – it’s vanilla cake, then a layer of thick custardy goodness, then more cake, and then a dark chocolate ganache topping. (I made one last year for my own birthday.)

The recipe I used is from Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess – and even them I simplified the whole thing by buying some custard from M&S rather than making my own creme patissiere. You don’t really need a specific recipe: just make two vanilla sponge cakes and layer them with custard, then cover them in a mix of melted chocolate and cream. It’s even better if you have extra custard to serve it with. That said, there’s a Martha Stewart Living recipe here.

I gave the rest of the cake to my parents to take home, and my mum dropped the whole thing as she was getting into the car. Somehow she caught it, but I’ve no idea how.


One Response to “Tuesday night craft club: birthday cake”

  1. Bree Says:

    YUM!! This looks sooooo good!

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