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In style March 11, 2008

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I have been interested in the discussion about clothing over at Making it Lovely. Nicole asked people whether they go for quantity or quality (I’m summarising here, read her post in full to get a better understanding) when buying clothing.

I certainly don’t buy very cheap clothes (I’ve never bought any from Primark, for example, despite the fact that my friends often have nice things from there): it makes me uneasy to think of what the people who assembled a £2 t-shirt got paid for their trouble. But at the same time I’m not quite at the Boden end of the market, much as I’d like to be.

In the past 12 months or so I have been making a real effort with clothes: I used to buy nice things and save them for special occasions, but now if I buy something nice, I wear it. It’s a simple step, but doesn’t come that easy to me – I would almost rather wrap nice things in tissue paper and hide them in the wardrobe, lest anything be spilled on them, or they get clawed by the kitten.

I’ve also found that the things on sale in stores I used to shop in (Next, for example) are not that appealing these days (I’m not keen on ‘fashionable’ clothing – the trends for drainpipe jeans and oddly shaped cardigans have passed me by). This meant for a long while I bought hardly any clothes at all, but now I’ve found a few new places to shop and am possibly spending a little too much on clothes.

Over the weekend I placed an order at Kew for a few things, and I’m hoping to visit White Stuff soon to see the new season’s stock. I have a couple of skirts from White Stuff that I get asked about every single time I wear them, and they always seem to have something I want to wear. Great Plains is another good option – their clothes this season are lovely, but the colours in the collection would not suit me so well (there are a lot of light, neutral colours, and lots of blue).

I’ve recently ordered a copy of Sew U by Wendy Mullin, so that should give me even more options – the two skirts I made last year get worn regularly, which has given me the confidence to make some more clothes.

But still I think there must be more shops that I don’t know about – so if you know of any online or real clothing shops that you love, please let me know.


4 Responses to “In style”

  1. Ali Says:

    Do you like Fat Face? It’s similar to White Stuff.

  2. lauravw Says:

    I’ve never been in a Fat Face – having looked at their website I can see what you mean about being similar to White Stuff. Thanks for the excellent suggestion! I’m pleased to see they have a store here in Nottingham, so I’ll pay them a visit next time I go to town.

  3. Christina Says:

    I really, really enjoy my copy of Sew U- it takes a really fun DIY approach to sewing. A lot of other books seek to take a pretty authoritarian, “whatever you do, don’t wander off the path” approach to following commercial patterns.
    That said, though, the sizing on the patterns can be a bit odd and there’s a few spots where the directions get a bit skimpy. There’s a couple of reviews of both the book and the different patterns at http://www.patternreview.com that are helpful.

  4. lauravw Says:

    Thanks Christina – that’s helpful. I have been using the book this past week to make a skirt and have been a bit puzzled by one are that the instructions seem to be missing for (how to make pockets – I know the fabric needs hemming in one way or another, but wondered if there is a best way to do this – the book simply tells you to attach the pockets, as far as I can see…).

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