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The new bathroom: in progress March 19, 2008

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Work on our bathroom is now well and truly underway. The plumber arrived first thing on Monday morning, and within minutes was dismantling the old bathroom. I quickly gathered up the kitten and bundled her into her cat transporter, ready to take her to a cattery for the rest of the week – where she is safely away from all the noise and disruption.

When we got home from work on Monday evening, nothing remained of the existing bathroom: the tiles were all ripped from the walls (leaving a mess of crumbling plaster, which will be fixed up next week, when the plasterer is coming to re-do our ceiling); the bath, sink, toilet and broken shower were gone; the carpet was up; and the wonky old cabinet that was there when we arrived had been taken down.

It remains a mystery how the plumber, working on his own, managed to get our old bathtub out of the bathroom, down the stairs and out of the house without destroying everything in its path – but he did.

Already in place by the end of day one were the new toilet and bathtub. The surroundings they are in may look worse than messy, but they work and can be used, which means the inconvenience has been kept to a minimum. By the end of day two, he’d done the basin (I love the basin! Pictures coming soon!), and put up the new heated towel rail and radiator.

Today – day three – he has almost finished, and an electrician he employs will be there tomorrow doing the new light and electric fan. When we spoke to the plumber earlier he said the project had been more straightforward than he anticipated, and that as such he would send us a revised, lower bill. I have never heard of this happening before and
am astounded!

So what’s next? Well, once the electrician has been, the walls and ceiling can be plastered. We expect that the electrician will have to drill out a big channel for wires either in the wall or the ceiling, so that’ll get fixed up, plus the hideous swirly ceiling itself needs smoothing. In just over a week the new window goes in – once that’s done, the tiler can put the tiles up. And once that’s done, the floor can go in, followed by painting. This means it will look like a big old mess for a good few weeks yet, but it was unpleasant even before work started, so we’re no worse off. And did I mention just how nice the basin is?

I’m uploading pictures to this Flickr set, so you can see our progress on there.


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