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Bathroom update March 31, 2008

Filed under: Interiors — lauravw @ 8:16 pm

There’s not been much of an update on the bathroom because for about a week, no progress was made. But things have swung back into life again now, and there is at last some action.

On Thursday last week the plasterers arrived, and within a couple of hours had turned the swirly ceiling into a smooth flat ceiling.

The following day, the new window went in. The window people were not the nicest, but they have done a good job (as well they should, given what they charge!). This is, you may recall, the window that has a blind inside it, between the two panes of glass.  You can see it here. By the time the window and the plastering had been done, I was fed up with having to stay in the house all day during noisy and messy works and so was quite relieved that today I could go to work while the tiling was done. By the time I got home, all the mess of the day had been tidied away, and I could see the progress that had been made. The new tiles are mostly in position, and tomorrow they will be grouted. The bathroom cabinet may also go up tomorrow.

So once that’s done, there’s only the floor and the painting left. Overall this has been a fairly easy process – we had our kitchen replaced two years ago and that was a nightmare from start to finish, but we’ve really not been inconvenienced too much this time. I certainly expected worse!

I’m still adding pictures to this set on Flickr.


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