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Tuesday Night Craft Club: buying a desk May 12, 2008

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I have been reading Crafters Companion, and admiring the desks and workrooms that the featured crafters have set up. I’ve never had a designated space to practise my sewing and paper crafts – about a year ago we got a fairly large dining table in our kitchen, which has been a big improvement. But still there is the need to tidy everything away once it’s been used, which often deters me from getting out fiddly paper craft things in the first place. And until two years ago, we lived in a teeny tiny flat with no table, so my main craft space was the floor.

But the house we live in now has a little more room, and so the penny has finally dropped: I could actually fit a desk into the guest bedroom. The room’s been used a lot recently by my parents, but they’ve now moved into a new house nearby and so won’t need to stay with us so much. And even with a desk in there, there will still be enough room for the guest bed, it’s just that it will be less than spacious. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: if guests are too comfortable, they may stay too long!

And so I jumped in with two feet and bought myself a little desk, some drawers and a chair from Ikea. (This was made easier by the new online shopping facility – I’ve not even had to set foot in Ikea itself.) The desk is cheap – the space it will have to fit in is small, and one day I might have more space, so this way I can trade up and get a bigger desk in the future if necessary.

The drawers are ideal for crafters who make things involving lots of small items, fabrics and papers – each drawer is wide but shallow, so you don’t need to stack small items on top of each other. Since this picture was taken I’ve moved my sewing machine onto the desk, and it’s great to be able to leave it there, without having to pack it away when I’m finished.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Night Craft Club: buying a desk”

  1. Ali Says:

    Love your little craft zone – so clean and tidy!

  2. lauravw Says:

    Thanks Ali! It’s not quite this neat and tidy any more though if I’m honest…

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