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Up to May 21, 2008

Filed under: Up to — lauravw @ 7:08 pm

Laughing while reading The Times:

“I’ve taken up running. Hahaha – I know, I know. I can totally confirm that I look like a Womble being chased off someone’s front garden, having inadvertently wandered over looking for buns.” (Caitlin Moran, essential Monday lunchtime reading)

Admiring the gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, through the so-extensive-I-can’t-find-time-to-watch-it-all coverage on the BBC. I love this countryside garden, especially the lovely hedge – they showed the craftsman who prepared the hedge, and he said the thing he likes best about that type of hedge is that it provides a larder for birds in the autumn and winter. Won me over immediately. You can take online tours of the gardens at the BBC, which is useful because they’ve been showing much of other aspects of the show on the TV this year and I’m most interested in the gardens.

Thinking about buying a piping bag and nozzles so I can make the Tiramisu cookies from last month’s Martha Stewart Living. (In fact, thinking about those cookies frequently.)


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