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Up to: make-up edition June 18, 2008

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While we were on holiday in Seattle (which sadly seems like months ago now…) the very favourable pound to dollar exchange rate was all the excuse I needed to treat myself to a few new goodies.

First up was a blusher by Neutrogena. It’s OK but not outstanding – I think I bought it mostly because of how it looks (a dozen little squares in various shades of pink), but I think to get it to sit in the container in that arrangement, they had to really compress the stuff – so much so that it’s more of a solid than a powder, and as such not that easy to put on. You live and learn, I guess.

Next were two tinted lip balms by Korres – they sell their bodycare range in Boots, but I’d not seen the cosmetics in the UK. Their website is all flash based so I can’t link straight to the lip balms, but they are called lip butters, and I bought quince and wild rose. Both of these are nice, and very moisturising – they don’t have a sticky texture, which suits me. I really like these.

I got three (THREE!) eyeshadows from MAC. I let one of the members of staff there do my eyes for me, which was really helpful in terms of teaching me new techniques (I could do with going back and seeing them again), but the products they used on my eyes were not colours that suited me, and the finish was a bit glossy – not an everyday look. Nevertheless, I bought the shadows they used, worried about it for several days, and then sheepishly returned them and chose some colours myself. On my second visit I think I was a bit embarrassed to be returning things and as a result didn’t make the best choices, but the three shades I bought are nice. One is a pale pink, which unfortunately has led to me being asked if I have hayfever/allergies. The texture of the shadows is excellent though – they are very soft and easy to blend.

While the MAC lady did my eyes, she showed me the brush she was using, and suddenly it became very clear to me that a round, tapered brush is the way to go for blending eyeshadows. I didn’t buy the MAC one because it’s made from animal hair, but I was able to find some good quality alternatives pretty easily. A very helpful sales assistant pointed me in the direction of Origins, whose brushes are all synthetic. This is the one I bought – it’s not quite the same shape as the MAC one, but it works well.

Finally I needed to get some sunscreen for my face. I’ve never bought Clinique products before, but I’ve been very pleased with the City Block Sheer. It says sheer, but it’s a bit tinted and opaque really – which means it covers a few blemishes while it protects your skin. It’s not a moisturiser per se, so I’ve been putting a bit of moisturiser on underneath it every day. I’ll definitely buy some more of this when it runs out, though it looks like it will cost me 25-35% more in the UK. Perhaps I need another holiday…


One Response to “Up to: make-up edition”

  1. suzer Says:

    I’m actually a big fan of that Neutrogena blush. You might like it more if you don’t use the crummy brush that comes with it. I use a larger rounded brush, which lets me kick up some of the powder off the compressed squares.

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