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Tuesday Night Craft Club: Barcelona Skirts June 29, 2008

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Last weekend I was busy cutting out pattern pieces to make the A-line skirt and the apron overlay, from Amy Butler’s Barcelona skirt patterns.

Cutting out the fabric was a lot of fun: my parents’ new house has a gallery above the living room, which my mum always said would be a nice place for me to sit and cut out fabrics. Since I was staying with them last weekend, I took all my fabrics and tools and got to work. It was great to have such a big space to work in (and to not be attacked by a cat while cutting!), but the best part was that my grandfather was staying with them too. He is 92, and has had a lifelong interest in making things. His eyesight has faded to such an extent that he can’t make things himself these days (he used to do a lot of woodwork – he made me a dolls’ house, and even built his own kitchen) but he was very interested to see what I was working on and to understand how it would all fit together. My rotary cutter in particular fascinated him.

This weekend I made the apron overlay, and I think it’s turned out really well. The fabrics I’ve used are from the Midwest Modern collection – when we flew off to Seattle, one of the things on my shopping list was fabric to make skirts from. The prints in the Midwest Modern range are probably too pale to really suit me, but I like them and didn’t want to come home empty handed. (Because back in the UK, Amy’s fabrics are twice as expensive and I can only buy them online – nowhere local to me carries them.) I hope I can find some darker prints I like to make a second version of this that suits me better.

Next up is the A-line skirt – I’m a little anxious about putting in the concealed zipper, but I’m sure it will be fine. I’ve never made a lined skirt before either, but know that once I have I’ll be able to use the technique on other projects.

Digging around online, I’ve found lots of helpful information from people who’ve already used the patterns, and so that has been reassuring:

I’ve taken two pictures of my creation, which you can see here and here.


One Response to “Tuesday Night Craft Club: Barcelona Skirts”

  1. Ali Says:

    You’ll ace it I’m sure – it was my first skirt (lined or otherwise) and the instructions were super-clear.
    The overlay looks great!

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