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Tuesday Night Craft Club: shopping for fabric July 1, 2008

Filed under: Sewing,Shopping — lauravw @ 5:55 pm

I mentioned that when I made the Barcelona skirt recently I was hoping to find some darker fabrics that suited me better. I’ve been digging around and things look promising.

The new collection from Erin McMorris, Park Slope, has colours I love in it – pinks, browns, reddish oranges.

And Heather Bailey’s new collection is wonderful – her website says she has an online store in the works, which is good news.

I’ve picked out my favourites from each of these collections and made a little gallery – Erin McMorris’s are at the top (definitely a good combination for a Barcelona skirt), and Heather Bailey’s are underneath (I wouldn’t mix the ones I’ve shown here together, it’s just they are the ones I liked best in terms of making me some new clothes).

I don’t think either of these are for sale yet, so for now I’m just window shopping…


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