Finding work for idle hands: making, baking and more.

Hot weather slow down July 26, 2008

Filed under: Sewing,Shopping — lauravw @ 4:52 pm

The hot weather this week has stopped me in my tracks. I made some fairy cakes last weekend, but failed to take a picture (a shame – they were pretty). Then this week I made banana bread, and there’s no picture of that either.

A while ago I visited the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art with my parents. I found a lot of the exhibitions that were on at the time of our visit a little too contemporary for my taste (and my dad was just plain baffled by most of it), but the shop had some lovely goodies in by wonderful designers. Mum bought one of these tea towels with a stark print of the building on it, in black. She’s not yet used it as a tea towel, but wants to make use of it one way or another. I offered to make a cushion cover or apron from it, and I think she’s leaning towards an apron, so that will be a nice little project for one of these lazy hot weather days.

The designers of the tea towels, People Will Always Need Plates, are also responsible for these make-yourself-a-skirt packages by Clothkits. They are expensive (more than I’ve ever paid for a ready-made skirt) but not so outrageously expensive that I’ve ruled them out completely… Domesticali has bought one and hopefully will post pictures when she’s made it.


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