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Up to August 3, 2008

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Browsing at Boden
Boden’s new season clothes are now online. I’ve actually never bought anything at Boden, but I like to look. The pages where they do ideas for outfits are very useful. This season I’ve got my eye on this velvet jacket, in brown.

Wearing Dollymix, by MAC
I went into MAC to look at the blushers, and had in mind a very natural dusky pink, to replace a Body Shop one I have that has been discontinued. I came away with Dollymix, possibly the brightest, strongest pink I have ever seen – the make-up lady persuaded me it was a good choice (even though they had one that looked exactly like my discontinued Body Shop one). And I think she was right – it looks quite natural on. I hope…

Considering buying new brushes
After I left MAC I went to Body Shop, where they have new make-up brushes that I’ve now got my eye on. As ever with Body Shop’s brushes, they are made of synthetic fibres, and look and feel to be of excellent quality. The bristles are more tapered than the older versions, and they have a new eye shadow blending brush. I’d like that and a blusher brush, so that I can apply my shocking pink MAC blusher with impunity.

Watching the new X-Files film
I think if you enjoyed watching the X-Files, you’d enjoy the film – I certainly did. One thing I found weird was that, because I have recently been watching old episodes of the show, the way they look in the film was a huge contrast. They are now perhaps 10-15 years older than they were in the episodes I watched only last week, and it is unsettling to see what the passage of time is doing to us all. They both look good, just older. Which means I look that much older too. Unsettling.

Reading about plastic
Chris Jeavans is going for a month without buying plastic, and it’s very interesting – she is struggling. You can read the background on the BBC, and then she is keeping a blog.

Wanting to make pin cushions
Heather Bailey’s pin cushion pattern looks like a good project for using up little bits of fabric – I can see me making a few of these for little gifts.


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