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Cath Kidston in York August 11, 2008

Filed under: Shopping — lauravw @ 5:22 pm

A quick visit to see family in York meant I had chance for a dash round York’s shops in the rain. I realised too late that I had no idea where the new Cath Kidston shop was, but luckily for me it turned out to be opposite Mulberry Hall (which I had visited to take a look at some very nice bright-coloured kitchenware).

If you’re in York it is worth visiting Cath Kidston’s shop – it’s a lot larger than the Covent Garden one I’ve been to in London, and seemed to carry all the product lines. There’s a map of how to reach it on her website. Some of the new items are nice – the discounts on sale items were nothing to write home about though; I would have expected bigger discounts on unsold products given the financial state the country is in.

On her website you’ll also find a bit of information about the reusable shopping bags she has made for Tesco. I’ve tried out the bags and really like them – they are pretty sturdy and the quality of the print is good – especially when you consider that they are made from recycled plastic bottles. They are not the sort of bag that you can fold up really small and put in your handbag though, so I expect they are more for people to use when driving to the supermaket.


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